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April 08, 2020

(Work in progress)

What is the purpose of our existence on this planet? Will our current civilization have the same fate as all the previous civilizations that ended with their dismissal, as a result of their own success?

These are, perhaps, some of the questions that cross the minds of many of us that are worried about the current state of our ephemeral existence. We seem to have engaged a battle against Mother Nature, a battle that we can only lose. The big corporations, the secret societies and the people behind them seem to have an insatiable greed that apparently cannot be stopped by any of the obvious waring signs. The dichotomy between the rich and poor has grown exponentially in the past few decades polarizing even further a broken society.

As the end of cheap resources seems to approach rapidly, one can only wonder about the lack of action of our governments regarding our most critical problems. We live and actually we are integral part of the natural habitat therefore our well-being and very survival depends on it. We need clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, clean land to grow our food and yet we are encouraged to buy more cars that pollute the atmosphere, we are pushed to buy more television sets and other consumables that poison our ever growing landfills. We consume more energy contributing to the growing nuclear waste deposits that will threaten the safety of many generations to come. The list can go on.

Collectively, we need to understand that we have been the victims of our own success as a civilization and we outgrew the footprint that can be supported by the global ecosystem without further serious consequences. In the 1960s the global population was under 3 billion and now 50 years later it is more than double. We continue to expand in every direction in the name of human rights and the prosperity of human kind and drive into extinction about anything else. We destroy the very things that are most dear to us because we value our comfort before our future. We want bigger houses with bigger lots, with big trees, with flowers and if possible bordering a ravine, or a big park and yet we keep driving out farmers that produce our organic food, replace them with unhealthy processed food from engineered species. We take down the forest that produce our oxygen just for the sake of our insatiable thirst for comfort.

Are we to blame? Yes and no. At least not the average Jane and Joe. The highly controlled media makes every effort to brain wash us and divert our attention to trivial issues that bear no importance on our livelihood. We are fed with news about Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy, the antics of a supposedly drug dealing mayor and many others that have no place in a respectable publication be it online, or printed. Sadly, we are so used to this type of journalism that we consider it normal. By contrast, important facts about climate change, or about the depletion of the cheap energy from oil reserves are getting at most a corner page treatment. These are serious issues that can lead to the collapse of our civilization as we know it and most likely to a new global war to control remaining resources.

Scientists are silenced when they try to raise awareness about such issues and when evidence is indisputable they are told to check again and again their results until they have no other choice but to give up. Science has no power in the face of Politics and the hidden agenda of the powerful cartels transcends borders and prevails at the expense of most of us. If we do not voluntarily stop now this mindless slaughter of our environment that we call Home and do not switch to a sustainable economy, our socio-economic-ecological system will eventually pass its tipping point into path of no return to chaos. We will all suffer the consequences, whether poor, or rich.

Some scientists argue that we are most likely past that tipping point. However, although skeptical, I am still hoping that we as species have rise to the occasion and prove History wrong. It is my bet against a History that I hope it will not repeat itself. I don't think that we have to crash in order to rise again!

Am I concerned? Yes, I am and so should be you. We all need to understand that the way to a sustainable socio-economic environment will be not easy, and will require sacrifices that at this very moment are hard to accept for most. We need to scale down if we want to preserve what we love the most: our Nature, our Environment, our Home.

This site is my humble contribution to raising awareness about the dangers of thinking that we can continue any longer on the same destructive path. The travel pages show the beauty of a planet worth preserving. The scientific research pages document our efforts in understanding our environmental changes. The links point to pages of social and environmental luminaries worth reading.

Capitalism as we know has reached its apex. It can't continue as it has done in the past. In the current conditions this is no longer an option. Two hundred years of expansion have have brought our civilization to heights never seen before and at the same time brought our planet to a state that some say that may be in a state beyond repair.

Live with humbleness! Think about the future!